Ingersoll Rand Swing Stages – Affordable Design and Durability


Swing stages are perhaps the most utilized type of scaffolding and have been used for numerous projects such as window cleaning, painting, repair, and even masonry work. They are typically made up of a support platform, swing stages, and a lifting system that keeps the platform in position. The swing stage is the part that you use to reach the different parts of the scaffold. Stages are also known as ‘swing hung’ or ‘wall hung’. The platform itself is usually made up of several pieces of wood that can be joined or nailed together depending on the type and style of platform. There are also platforms that feature a single continuous piece of wood as the platform.

There are many reasons as to why it is very important that people who are using any type of scaffolds or swing stages make sure that they are being supervised at all times by a competent person. Over the years, there have been many tragic incidents when workers on high rise buildings have fallen from the scaffolds. In many of these cases, the worker may have been using improper harnesses, or he could have simply been too weak from lack of practice to use the scaffold properly. There are also many wind events where people have been killed and injured. These types of tragic accidents are all the fault of the worker or employees of the company that owns the scaffolds, as the employer has failed to put in place protocols that would prevent these fatal events from occurring.

Accidents involving hanging or moving suspended scaffolds are all the result of either a worker or some other part of the structure being unable to quickly access the parts that they need to use. This causes the scaffolds to sway and move around. There are a variety of reasons as to why this occurs, but the most common reason involves a worker being unable to find quick access to the platforms. For example, it may be located in a remote area, or it could be situated far from the main building in which it is located.

The other main issue concerning quick access to suspended scaffolds comes from how some workers are simply not comfortable with the way these platforms are set up. It is important for workers to be able to reach the platforms to perform their job successfully, otherwise they will not be happy with the work they do. There is no question about how workers feel about these issues. Surveys conducted show that only 30% of all contractors are comfortable enough to let their workers use them.

Safety is perhaps the single biggest issue that is raised by anyone who uses a swinging stage. When the platform is not set up correctly, it can pose a serious risk to those working nearby. For example, if the platform is too high, there is a real possibility that an employee could fall off of it and suffer an injury. If the platform is too low, then there is a real possibility that workers could stumble upon falling objects and trip over them. In the end, the company that does not make sure that its swing stages are set up to high and properly secure will pay the price because of the injuries that their employees may sustain as a result.

A good way to avoid having this happen is to use scaffolding that is high enough. Swing stage cradles and other similar construction equipment have been designed to provide workers with the safest setup possible. By taking this approach, a worker will not be at risk of falling from the scaffold itself, but instead, he or she can be protected by a high quality guardrail system. This will allow workers to get around the scaffolding safely without worrying about falling objects.

These are just two of the many safety issues that are addressed by the swing stages offered by Ingersoll Rand. Overall, this company has made sure that its products are highly reliable and very durable. Their products are also very easy to install on any type of construction site. However, to save even more money on the construction project, consider getting some used scaffolding from them. The swing stage cradles in particular are very affordable because they are mass-produced, making them some of the best buy deals you can find on the market.

If your business is looking for a great way to save money on the construction project that is sure to generate plenty of profits, then you should definitely take a look at swing stage cradles. By investing in these particular units, you will not only be able to reduce the costs of labor but you will also be able to provide more safety to your workers. This is especially important because all construction projects require a fair amount of labor, which is especially true when it comes to adding extra modules onto an existing structure. By using these stirrups, you can easily cut down on the amount of time needed to complete the job as well as the number of laborers working on your project.

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