NANUK Cases – Protect Your Medical Equipment in the Most Dangerous Environments

NANUK cases protect mobile medical devices like monitors, defibrillators and portable imaging device scanners so professionals can get their equipment to the scene quickly. These indestructible protective cases are also trusted by military, law enforcement and professional operators.

Features include NK-7 resin for ultra-rugged construction and the PowerClaw superior latching system that keeps your equipment safe when closed. Choose from a wide range of compatible case panels to customize your case.

Tough & Tougher

Whether you’re taking your gear on a global expedition or just running to the store, NANUK cases stand up to tough environments. Our hard-shelled NK-7 resin cases are impenetrable, waterproof and have a deep base for maximum storage and security. The patented PowerClaw superior latching system and slide locks keep your equipment safe until you need it.

NANUK cases are tested to ensure they meet rigorous military specifications and have the durability you need. Tests include a minimum of 100 airline trips, simulated vibration resistance, impact tests that include dropping weight on case sides, and submersion and water immersion.

NANUK cases are available in multiple colors, including black, graphite, silver, olive and yellow. Custom color options are available with a minimum order. Attachments are integrated into the case design so you can add shoulder straps, panel kits and more. These features are easy to access when the case is closed and secure when open.

Design & Colors

Whether it’s for aesthetic preference or more practical reasons, our customers often choose NANUK cases in different colors. The result is a tough case that stands out from the crowd.

NANUK camera hard cases offer customizable interior space to accommodate a wide variety of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, lenses, flashes, wires and other equipment. Each comes with a nylon padded divider easily tailored to your gear load-out with repositionable hook and loop fasteners.

Take the elements in stride with a case that’s built to organize, protect and carry so your equipment doesn’t. The impenetrable lightweight, tough NK-7 resin shell and PowerClaw superior latching system lock up in an instant so your equipment arrives at its destination dry, unharmed and ready to work.

Camera stabilizers and gimbals have opened up incredible new glassy smooth shot options, but transporting the rig can be a hassle. NANUK’s line of hard cases for stabilizers and gimbals makes it easier than ever to get your equipment from point A to point B.

Vacuum Sealing

NANUK cases safeguard lifesaving equipment so that medics, firefighters and law enforcement can focus on getting to the scene safely. NANUK’s rugged dependability protects monitors, respirators, defibrillators, portable imaging devices scanners and other critical equipment from repeated blows, drops and shocks.

Unlike other protective cases that have weak latches, NANUK’s PowerClaw superior locking system is designed to resist deformation and fatigue. This means the case will open and close reliably every time, with no rusting or leaks.

For added security, many models have molded holes near the latches that are large enough to add padlocks through. They also feature a couple molded eyelets to run straps or bungees through for securing loads during transport. All NANUK cases are stackable so that multiple units can be stored and transported together without damaging the contents. This is particularly useful for larger cases that are needed to store and transport photography equipment or other gear with a lot of pieces.


NANUK cases are designed to protect your equipment in the harshest environments. They are easily transportable with the use of wheels and can be stacked to fit more equipment inside a single case. Stackable protection allows you to move larger amounts of photographic equipment, scientific equipment and much more without the risk of damage.

To make it easier to carry your gear and case, NANUK has incorporated soft grip spring loaded handles on all their protective cases. These handles also retract when not in use to prevent pinching fingers during heavy transportation. Some models even have molded lid stays that help to keep the case open in transit. For added security all NANUK cases come with padlockable hasps moulded into the body. They can be used with standard padlocks or TSA approved security padlocks for peace of mind when traveling by air. There are also a few holes molded into the hinge that can be used to tie down your case to a vehicle.

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