How a Honey Factory Works

Honey is a natural sweetener. It is made by bees from the flowers of plants.

Foraging bees visit flower blossoms to suck the nectar into their long tongues and store it in their honey stomachs. When their honey stomachs are full (100 flowers yields a teaspoon of nectar), they return to the hive.

How it’s made

Honey starts as flower nectar, which contains sugars and scent chemicals produced by flowers to attract insect pollinators. Each droplet of nectar is sucked up by a bee through its long, straw-like tongue called a proboscis and stored in the first chamber of its stomach, where an enzyme named invertase breaks down the complex sugars into simple ones like glucose and fructose.

After the nectar has been reprocessed by the bee and stored, each cell of honey is capped with a layer of beeswax to keep it from spoiling or absorbing water from outside. This process is critical, because without it, bees would lose their ability to store and use honey.

When it’s time to harvest, beekeepers brush the bees off the frames of honeycomb and remove the wax caps (also known as cappings) using an uncapping knife – an electric machine used for large batches or a cold serrated knife dipped in water for small batches. They then place the frames into an extractor to spin them, separating honey from the honeycomb cells.


Once the honey comb is fully capped and the nectar flow season has ended, the time has come to harvest your honey. This can be done in a variety of ways; one popular method is to use a capping scratcher, electric uncapping knife or cold knife to remove the wax cap from each frame so the honey can drip out.

Another option is to spin the honey in a centrifuge honey spinner/extractor. These machines range from hand-cranked, room-sized models to large, industrial sized machines that are capable of spinning thousands of frames at once.

Before you start extracting, make sure all your equipment is sterilised and you have a good supply of clean honey bottles ready to fill. Also keep in mind that harvesting can be messy, so you may want to choose a clean room to work in. Make sure to label your jars and keep track of how much you are harvesting so you know when it’s time to put the rest away for next year.


A honey factory might not look like much from the outside, but it’s a bustling hive on the inside. There are many ways to process honey, but the main goal is to remove the bee pollen and other contaminates. This can be done using pressure-driven membrane processes (UF and MF), or conventional thermal processing.

Before the honey is extracted, it’s usually smoked to pacify the bees and keep them from returning to their hives with empty frames. This is also used to help prevent yeast activity.

Honey has a high viscosity, but it’s often heated and evaporated to reduce this. Heating can cause the honey to crystallize and reduce its quality.

Microwave and ultrasound heating of honey have been proposed as alternative methods to conventional thermal processing for the production of higher-quality honey. Bath and Singh [23] found that microwave heating of two types of honey increased the formation of HMF and browning, but only at higher power levels.


Honey lasts a long time due to its low water content, acidity, and a special enzyme that suppresses bacteria growth. If stored correctly, it can last decades. However, over time, honey can experience natural changes like crystallization or color darkening. This doesn’t mean it’s spoiling, but it’s no longer as tasty or clear as it was when first bottled.

To prevent these natural changes, store your honey in a cool, dry place. The ideal storage temperature is between 50degF and 70degF. Avoid storing honey in areas that are hot or have windows as exposure to light can impact its quality over time.

It’s also important to store your honey in glass or food-grade plastic containers. Metal containers should be avoided as they introduce unwanted moisture that could lead to fermentation or spoilage. When transferring your honey to new containers, be sure they are clean and free of any moisture by running them through a warm cycle in the dishwasher or by scrubbing them with a damp rag.

Immigration Lawyer Tauranga

Immigration law is complex and complicated, and it’s best to consult a licensed immigration adviser for help. This will save you time and money. You can find a licensed adviser on the immigration advisors register.

Paul Milne is a New Zealand-based immigration expert who assists private clients, local entrepreneurs, and businesses with migrant employees. He specialises in character waiver applications, ministerial jobs, section 61 requests, and visa applications.

Ned Burke

During the fiscal year 2017-2022, Burke heard 654 asylum cases. Of these, he granted relief to 126 individuals and denied relief to 468 others. This percentage is significantly lower than the national average. During this time, more than one hundred different nations had at least one asylum seeker appear before him.

Kim Saull is a highly regarded immigration lawyer in Tauranga with more than 17 years of business law and immigration law experience. She represents clients before various U.S. government agencies and specializes in family, entrepreneur, and work to residence visas. She also handles appeals in immigration matters.

She is currently practicing at e-Migration NZ in Tauranga, New Zealand. She also has extensive international business experience and is a member of several professional organizations.

Paul Milne

There are many different visa options available to migrants who wish to settle in New Zealand. These visas are governed by strict local laws and have specific conditions that must be met in order for the migrant to live and work in New Zealand. This is why it is important to seek professional advice from a licensed migration adviser.

Paul Milne has been a lawyer for more than 20 years and works at a firm in Tauranga. He is experienced in immigration law and has represented clients from around the world. He has also argued a number of cases in the New Zealand High Court. He specializes in working with people from the United States. He has a bachelor’s degree in business and law.

David Pawson

Licensed immigration advisers are required to meet competency standards and follow a code of conduct. They should also charge fair and reasonable fees. You should not hire an unlicensed immigration adviser to give you visa advice. If you do, you could be charged with breaking the law and could have your visa application returned.

David Pawson was a prominent Bible teacher and author. He was born in 1930 and died during the Covid-19 pandemic in May 2020. He was one of the world’s most influential Christians and was admired by many people. His teaching tapes were popular throughout the world, especially behind the Iron Curtain. These tapes helped to strengthen the church in persecuted countries. They influenced Christian leaders and missions around the globe.

Kim Saull

Kim Saull is a licensed immigration adviser who works for e-Migration NZ. She is experienced in business law and can assist with investment, skilled migration, family, work to residence, entrepreneur, and returning resident visa applications. She also handles character waiver applications, section 61 requests, and immigration appeals.

She uses practical methods to come up with customized legal solutions for clients. She has a BA/LLB conjoint degree and is a member of several professional organizations. She has extensive experience handling unlawful migrant matters, skilled migration, and family residency applications.

Anyone who provides New Zealand immigration advice must be licensed. Using an unlicensed advisor could cost you thousands of dollars and delay your visa application. You can find a qualified immigration adviser by checking their license status on the Immigration Advisers Register.

Lauren Qiu

Lauren is an experienced specialist immigration lawyer who uses practical methods to provide honest advice and tailored solutions. She is the principal at Stay Legal and has presented at national seminars on immigration law. She also teaches aspiring immigration advisers. She has assisted businesses with immigration compliance and high-net-worth individuals with family residency applications. She has also helped unlawful migrants regain their lawful status and successfully requested character waivers, medical waivers, ministerial special directions, and appealed decisions.

In an upcoming webinar hosted by Legalwise Seminars, she will discuss work visa changes and the challenges of COVID-19. She will also talk about the recent announcements from the minister that include the delay of the compulsory Employer Accreditation process and the streamlined Essential Skills Work Visa.

Kamagra Jelly For Erectile Dysfunction

Kamagra jelly is a common medication for erectile dysfunction that comes in single-use packs of orange-flavored oral jelly. It is made with the active ingredient sildenafil citrate, which is also in Viagra.

There can be a stigma associated with seeking help for erectile dysfunction, and some men prefer to search for an easy and discreet solution online. However, doing this can lead to counterfeit or unhealthy ingredients being used in their medications.

How to use

Whether at the gas station or in the spam inbox, men struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED) are often lured by knockoff and unlicensed ED products that promise stronger erections. While some of these products may work for a short time, they are not as effective as a prescription treatment and can cause serious health problems.

Kamagra oral jelly, which comes in a single-use packet of flavored jelly, contains the FDA approved PDE5 inhibitor sildenafil citrate. It is a very fast-acting drug and starts to work in about 30 minutes. It can be taken on an empty stomach or after a light meal. It can be consumed in a variety of ways, including chewing the jelly, swallowing it whole, or mixing it with liquid.

Men should never take Kamagra Oral Jelly on their own without the supervision of a medical professional. Using this medication without proper guidance could lead to long term, irreversible health effects. It also doesn’t uncover the root cause of a man’s ED which is a serious, treatable medical condition that can be symptomatic of underlying issues like heart disease or cancer.


Kamagra oral jelly is a medicine that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It contains sildenafil citrate which is similar to the active ingredient in Viagra (see Important Safety Information).

The drug works by relaxing the penile muscles and increasing blood flow to the penis. This allows an erection to occur when sexual stimulation occurs. It does not work for everyone and can cause side effects such as headache, dizziness, and flushing.

It is important to tell your doctor if you have any health problems, including high blood pressure or heart disease. You should not take this medication if you have severe kidney problems or liver disease.

Do not take Kamagra oral jelly if you are taking nitrates for chest pain or heart problems, such as nitroglycerin (frequently prescribed for chest pain). The two medications can interact with each other to cause an unsafe reduction in blood pressure. You should also avoid drinking alcohol or eating food high in fat while taking this medicine.

Side effects

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects many men and it can take a toll on their self-esteem and relationships. It can also lead to depression in older adults. Kamagra jelly is a popular treatment for ED that works quickly and can help men build a strong relationship again.

It works by dilating blood vessels, which improves blood flow to the penis and helps get an erection. It comes in a fruity gel form that is easier to swallow than tablets or pills. Many older people enjoy taking this medication and feel more confident about their sex life again. One seventy-year-old said he was socializing with women of all ages again and enjoying his life again thanks to this medication.

It is important to see a doctor if you are experiencing erectile problems. They can find out what is causing your erectile issues and may be able to treat it with other medication or advice.


Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a serious health condition. Instead of taking chances with knockoff or unlicensed treatments, talk to a medical professional about effective ED treatment options.

Licensed healthcare specialists have access to your complete medical history and can recognize when certain medications may interact dangerously with ED medication. Unlicensed sellers don’t have that information.

Ajanta Pharma’s Kamagra oral jelly has been thoroughly tested in India (country of origin) and Europe, proving its safety and effectiveness. However, it’s important to follow the dosage instructions exactly. Taking too much can cause side effects and lead to overdose.

The medication should be taken on an empty stomach or after a light meal. It’s also recommended to avoid consuming alcohol, grapefruit juice and high-fat meals with this medication. This can reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. Also, don’t take it if you have a duodenum ulcer or serious liver or kidney disease. It’s also not recommended to take the drug if you have a history of low blood pressure or are taking organic nitrates.

Roof Replacement Auckland – Why You Should Choose a Roofing Specialist

Having a new roof on your home can protect it from future damage and give you a more unique look. However, you will need to find a roofing specialist that offers both materials and labor warranties for your peace of mind.

This locally owned company provides reroofing, gutters and spouting services in Auckland. They also conduct wall cladding repairs and can clean grime off your home.

Exceptional Customer Service

Your roof is a big investment and protecting your property from rain and the elements is essential. The right roofing company will help you maintain your investment and keep your home comfortable and secure. Whether you’re looking to reroof your house or upgrade to a new roofing material like zinc, there are many Auckland roofers that can provide quality service and competitive prices.

The roofing contractors at Aspect Roofing are dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. They have a great team of experienced quantity surveyors, sales consultants, and roofing installers who all work together to ensure each project meets expectations. They also offer a 10-year warranty on their products and services.

Licensed roofers at Laser Plumbing Whenuapai are members of the NZ Master Plumbers and offer warranties for their domestic and commercial roofing materials and workmanship. They are available 24/7 to address any emergency leaks, and they can also provide temporary solutions to protect your property while they repair the problem.

Expertise in Flat Roofs

Roofing experts provide professional flat roof installation, repair, and maintenance. They also offer other services, such as chimney replacements and roof painting treatments. They use a variety of materials, including asphalt shingles, metal, and membranes. These materials are durable, affordable, and long-lasting. They also provide a high performance-to-weight ratio. However, they are not recommended for all building frameworks, as they may be prone to punctures and leaks.

These professionals can repair brittle roofing and restore tiles, corrugated iron, and colour steel. They also conduct guttering and stormwater drainage services. They use locally-made Colorsteel products that are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Auckland. They also have an extensive range of guttering colours and styles. Moreover, they conduct regular inspections to identify issues before they escalate and prevent damage. In addition, they can repair skylights. This service can be especially useful for commercial and industrial buildings, as they are often the source of water leaks.

Materials & Labor Warranties

While walls and flooring are apparent when they need repairs, roofing problems are usually hidden and below homeowners’ radar. However, if you notice damp spots on your ceiling or wall, it is likely due to a leaky roof. If you are experiencing this issue, it is time to call a roofing expert to get it repaired immediately.

The team of experts at Auckland Roofing Solutions Ltd offers comprehensive services, including re-roofing, gutter replacement, and cladding installation. They use quality materials sourced from leading brands in New Zealand and offer warranties for all their products.

Another great roofing company is Johnson Roofing, which has been in business for more than a decade. They are licensed builders and have years of experience with metal roofs. They can do patchwork, as well as re-roofing jobs with tile, corrugated iron, and color steel roofing. Moreover, they provide prompt response to emergency callouts, and their team can set up immediate temporary solutions for leaks or other damages.

Peace of Mind

Getting a new roof for your home or commercial property is a significant investment. It’s important that the work is done correctly to protect your property from damage and to reduce maintenance costs in the future. Using a professional service means you have peace of mind knowing that the job will be completed properly from start to finish.

Having a new roof replacement Auckland can also increase your home’s value. In addition to enhancing the look of your building, it can help you save on energy bills because it’s designed to keep out the heat and cold. It’s also fire safe and can withstand high winds.

A metal roof can protect your home from rain and prevent leaks. It’s durable and comes in a wide range of colours that can complement any style of home. Unlike other roofing materials, it’s also fire-resistant and will not crack or warp under pressure. These features make it a great option for Auckland homeowners.

House Washers Auckland – Why It Is Important To Keep The Exterior Of Your House Clean

The New Zealand sun can discolour and damage the outside of your home. Regular washing helps to prevent the build up of mould, moss and lichen. It is recommended to wash your house every 12-24 months.

A soft washing cleaning method uses less pressure and detergent for a gentle clean. It is especially useful for preparing surfaces for repainting.

Exterior House Washing

The exterior of houses are exposed to a variety of environmental elements that can cause damage. Dirt, debris, moss, mildew and pollen can build up over time. This can leave the house looking dingy and unappealing. It can also lead to the deterioration of surfaces and can cause rot, blistering and other problems. Regular cleaning of the exterior is therefore important.

The best way to wash the exterior of your home is by using a pressure washer. However, it’s important to use a professional because it’s easy to damage your property if the process is not done properly.

A professional house washing service can clean the outside of your home with a low-pressure sprayer and specialized detergents and algaecides. It can also help extend the life of your roof and siding. Before washing the exterior of your house, it’s important to cover surrounding vegetation with drop cloths or plastic sheeting and secure any doors and windows with duct tape.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows is a time-consuming task that takes away from your other household chores. A professional cleaning service can provide better results and save you time. They also use cleaning equipment and chemicals that are safe for your property and family.

You can trust the team at NZ House Wash Company to give your home a fresh new look. They have extensive experience in exterior house washing, gutter cleaning and window cleaning Auckland. Their services can be customised to suit your needs. You can schedule regular cleanings to maintain your home’s appearance or a one-off clean before selling.

They can help you get your property looking as good as new with an advanced pure water method that ensures streak free windows and a spotless finish. Their prices are competitive and they offer a great customer service. Their services are backed by years of industry experience and expertise. They guarantee a high-quality, consistent result every time.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an essential service for every home as it channels water away from the foundation of your house. If it gets blocked, the water could seep into your house and damage it or cause flooding in heavy rains. North Shore House Wash offers a gutter cleaning service to ensure your gutters are working properly and looking good. The company uses a high-powered vacuum system to clear the debris. It also flushes down pipes and conducts a water flow test to identify any leakages. The company is a member of SiteSafe and can offer customized safety documentation.

Spray and Wash is another reputable house washing Auckland company that uses biodegradable soft chemical wash materials. It is fully qualified to work at heights and has a team of experts who have extensive experience in the industry. It can also offer regular window, deck, and gutter cleaning services to keep your property looking like new. This is a great option if you’re looking to prepare your home for sale, repaint, or just give it a facelift.

Wedding Photographer in Wellington

Your wedding day is likely to go by in a blur, and that’s why you need a photographer to capture every moment for you. Jo Moore has 15 years of industry experience and specializes in both portrait and wedding photography.

She will showcase your unique personality and capture genuine moments that you can look back on and cherish.

August & Vine

August & Vine is a wedding photographer based in Wellington that specialises in relaxed and intimate photography. They capture all the epic moments of your special day to create beautiful photographs that are unique to you. They also offer a personal and exceptional service to all their clients.

The couple met Cade Chudy, a US-based travelling photographer, on Facebook after finding his advertising on a wedding-related page. He was offering packages of edited photos and video with drone footage for a $2000 fee. He delivered 1500 unsalvageable sample photos, then ghosted the Brattys.

A good photographer has tens of thousands of dollars worth of kit, is on their feet for 12 hours on your wedding day and spends a long time editing the photos afterwards. The Brattys didn’t report Chudy to police because they couldn’t sue him for breach of contract if he was overseas. Consumer New Zealand recommends checking sellers’ online profiles and contacting the tradesman before handing over money.

Auburn Photography

It is not unusual for an artist to be inspired by another and to allude to or imitate them in homage. But it is less common that such an interaction becomes the basis of a significant project and that two artists with such distinctive practices—sculptor Cat Auburn and photographer Fiona Pardington—come together to create such a compelling synergy of work as in ’Looking Up To You’.

Various views of Mount Auburn Cemetery from the late 19th century including Bigelow Chapel, Consecration Dell, and the Sphinx. Image by Richard Cheek, 35mm color slide.

Cabinet Card photographs (as shown here) consisted of photographic prints mounted on cards of varying sizes that were widely distributed and popular in the mid-to-late 1800s. In her sculptural work, After ‘Still Life with Dying Purple Dahlia’, Auburn reproduces an image from this series using objects that she sources locally: the lilies from a local dairy, the tamarillo from Mirimar New World, and a Eiffel Tower souvenir trinket.

Michelle Davies Photography

This wedding photographer in Wellington believes that your big day is the beginning of a lifelong love story, and should be honoured with beautiful photos that reflect that unique tale. She specialises in candid images that centre on real happiness, capturing genuine moments for a lasting narrative. She also works closely with couples before the day to ensure a smooth experience.

With a natural style, Auburn Photography is all about connecting with each couple and embracing their quirks to create stunning wedding images that are uniquely them. She’s a photojournalist at heart, always searching for that magical moment – a sideways glance, a giggle or a hug.

Over 1.5 million users, including those in Waikanae West, trust Moovit for easy public transit navigation. Get directions from and to Michelle Davies Photography NZ with Moovit’s free app that takes the guesswork out of travel. Find bus and train times to help you plan your trip ahead of time.

NANUK Cases – Protect Your Medical Equipment in the Most Dangerous Environments

NANUK cases protect mobile medical devices like monitors, defibrillators and portable imaging device scanners so professionals can get their equipment to the scene quickly. These indestructible protective cases are also trusted by military, law enforcement and professional operators.

Features include NK-7 resin for ultra-rugged construction and the PowerClaw superior latching system that keeps your equipment safe when closed. Choose from a wide range of compatible case panels to customize your case.

Tough & Tougher

Whether you’re taking your gear on a global expedition or just running to the store, NANUK cases stand up to tough environments. Our hard-shelled NK-7 resin cases are impenetrable, waterproof and have a deep base for maximum storage and security. The patented PowerClaw superior latching system and slide locks keep your equipment safe until you need it.

NANUK cases are tested to ensure they meet rigorous military specifications and have the durability you need. Tests include a minimum of 100 airline trips, simulated vibration resistance, impact tests that include dropping weight on case sides, and submersion and water immersion.

NANUK cases are available in multiple colors, including black, graphite, silver, olive and yellow. Custom color options are available with a minimum order. Attachments are integrated into the case design so you can add shoulder straps, panel kits and more. These features are easy to access when the case is closed and secure when open.

Design & Colors

Whether it’s for aesthetic preference or more practical reasons, our customers often choose NANUK cases in different colors. The result is a tough case that stands out from the crowd.

NANUK camera hard cases offer customizable interior space to accommodate a wide variety of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, lenses, flashes, wires and other equipment. Each comes with a nylon padded divider easily tailored to your gear load-out with repositionable hook and loop fasteners.

Take the elements in stride with a case that’s built to organize, protect and carry so your equipment doesn’t. The impenetrable lightweight, tough NK-7 resin shell and PowerClaw superior latching system lock up in an instant so your equipment arrives at its destination dry, unharmed and ready to work.

Camera stabilizers and gimbals have opened up incredible new glassy smooth shot options, but transporting the rig can be a hassle. NANUK’s line of hard cases for stabilizers and gimbals makes it easier than ever to get your equipment from point A to point B.

Vacuum Sealing

NANUK cases safeguard lifesaving equipment so that medics, firefighters and law enforcement can focus on getting to the scene safely. NANUK’s rugged dependability protects monitors, respirators, defibrillators, portable imaging devices scanners and other critical equipment from repeated blows, drops and shocks.

Unlike other protective cases that have weak latches, NANUK’s PowerClaw superior locking system is designed to resist deformation and fatigue. This means the case will open and close reliably every time, with no rusting or leaks.

For added security, many models have molded holes near the latches that are large enough to add padlocks through. They also feature a couple molded eyelets to run straps or bungees through for securing loads during transport. All NANUK cases are stackable so that multiple units can be stored and transported together without damaging the contents. This is particularly useful for larger cases that are needed to store and transport photography equipment or other gear with a lot of pieces.


NANUK cases are designed to protect your equipment in the harshest environments. They are easily transportable with the use of wheels and can be stacked to fit more equipment inside a single case. Stackable protection allows you to move larger amounts of photographic equipment, scientific equipment and much more without the risk of damage.

To make it easier to carry your gear and case, NANUK has incorporated soft grip spring loaded handles on all their protective cases. These handles also retract when not in use to prevent pinching fingers during heavy transportation. Some models even have molded lid stays that help to keep the case open in transit. For added security all NANUK cases come with padlockable hasps moulded into the body. They can be used with standard padlocks or TSA approved security padlocks for peace of mind when traveling by air. There are also a few holes molded into the hinge that can be used to tie down your case to a vehicle.

Polystyrene Foam

The most common type of styrofoam is expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). This white plastic can be found in disposable cups, plates and other food-service ware. Styrene leaches from this plastic and affects the central nervous system, so children are particularly vulnerable to it.

EPS is made using hydrochlorofluorocarbons, which deplete the ozone layer. Choose alternatives like glass, paper and bamboo products or reusable utensils.


Polystyrene foam is a natural insulator and is used in insulation projects. It helps to regulate the temperature of a building and protects against noise. The lightweight material is easy to install and offers a low cost solution to a variety of different needs.

EPS insulation is manufactured from pre-expanded beads that are heated, aged, inserted into block-shaped molds and then cooled. This process produces a rigid foam plastic that has many advantageous properties, including being resistant to mold and mildew, fungus and insect infestation. It is also moisture resistant and has a high R-Value.

Plymouth Foam’s XPS extruded polystyrene (EPS) board insulation starts out as solid granule plastic resin, and is melted with critical additives in an extruder under controlled heat, expansion and steam quality conditions. It is a closed-cell product with a higher R-Value than open-cell products, and has favorable environmental impact scores in the LEED certification program. Unlike other common insulating materials, it has no odor and is inert, making it an ideal choice for a variety of different applications.


Polystyrene foam is hard, odorless and non-toxic. It’s used in many medical devices like test tubes and petri dishes as well as day-to-day items such as the housing on smoke detectors, CD cases and those red solo cups you drink from at a tailgate or lose in a game of beer-pong.

It can be molded to keep medicine and perishable foods cold and is also an important part of packaging that keeps products safe, intact and costs less than other materials. Foodservice packaging, shipping boxes and even the loose fill packing peanuts you find in your cereal box are all made from polystyrene foam.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) or Styrofoam is a closed-cell, durable plastic that contains 98% trapped air. EPS is white and typically has the appearance of ice cream. Extruded polystyrene – XPS – has the same chemical composition as EPS but is made using a different process, and has smaller air pockets making it more uniform and often pink, blue or green.


Plastic materials are a vital component of many medical procedures and devices. They are lightweight, durable, and sterilizable. They also have a wide range of color options to meet specific medical requirements. Closed cell foams like styrofoam and polyethylene roll have a range of densities that affect their firmness, size of cells, flexibility, and durability. They can be cut with a sharp blade such as a craft knife, utility knife, or scissors.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, commonly called styrofoam, is a non-biodegradable material that lasts for a long time in the environment and can be found as outdoor litter. Children are more susceptible to harmful chemicals and pollutants as they tend to crawl around, put things in their mouths, or play with discarded products. This is why it’s important to minimize the use of EPS or styrofoam around children. Exposure to styrene can affect their central nervous system. Styrene molecules leach from styrofoam and are easily ingested. Chronic exposure can cause styrene poisoning.

Consumer Products

Polystyrene is used in numerous consumer products. You may find it as insulation in appliances, electronics, car parts, gardening tools and equipment, and even in food containers or to-go bags from your favorite restaurants. It is also used in medical products such as tissue culture trays and Petri dishes because of its clarity and ease of sterilization. The material is resistant to moisture, mildew and fungus and is food safe.

You are likely familiar with the foam form of styrene, referred to as expanded polystyrene or EPS. This is typically white or light green and can be found in packaging for electronic products or as the styrofoam packing “peanuts” that cushion fragile items being shipped.

It is also used in co-polymerization processes to produce better plastics with unique properties and in injection molding. Xometry is ready to help you explore the possibilities of this durable and versatile production material. Contact us today to begin a quote.

Buy a Sex Doll Online

Sex dolls are a great way for men and women to express their sexual desires. They can liberate latent sexual desires and help overcome loneliness.

Dolls can be purchased in a variety of materials. Some are made of silicone, while others are made from thermoplastic elastomer. Most sites allow customers to design the body to go with a specific head.


Custom sex dolls UK are an amazing way to satisfy sexual desires and fantasies. They can take on the role of a female lover that can fulfill the needs of single men and couples in a relationship. They are extremely realistic, making them the perfect companion for oral sex. They are also sturdy enough for play and will keep their shape after prolonged use.

Most sex doll manufacturers allow you to customize your doll’s skin color, body type, and breast size. You can even choose whether your sex doll has a fixed or insert vagina and anus. You can also opt for a hairy or clean-shaven lady parts.

Many of the top-rated sex dolls on the market offer customizable bust sizes. Whether you want to sink your shaft between double D’s or a b-cup handful, there’s a sex doll that’s right for you. You can even choose a silicone TPE breast size that’s so lifelike, you’ll mistake it for a real woman.

Artificial Intelligence

Many people enjoy buying sex dolls for different reasons. Some have fetishes that can’t be fulfilled with a real partner and some have health problems that limit their sexual enjoyment. In addition, sex dolls can provide emotional relief. They can also help them overcome loneliness and depression.

Some sex dolls now have artificial intelligence that allows them to interact with their owners in more realistic ways. This can lead to deeper intimacy and even orgasms. However, some experts worry that this type of interaction could cause psychological harm.

One sex robot manufacturer in San Marcos has developed an AI-enhanced mannequin that mimics emotions and even orgasms. It can even sense and respond to the user’s body heat. It can also be customized by the owner. For instance, the user can program it to respond more submissively or to say whatever they want her to. This is a major advance in artificial intelligence for sex dolls.


There’s still a lot of stigma around sex dolls. However, there are a lot of people who benefit from them. Couples are a large demographic, but single men and women also buy them for high-level sexual satisfaction. Some use them to overcome social anxiety or loneliness. Others have disabilities that prevent them from participating in physical intimacy.

Sex dolls are also useful for erotic fantasies and kinks. For example, if you’re a fan of jealousy or shyness, you can program your doll to have those traits. This will turn on a specific kink for you and increase the pleasure you experience when using it.

Sex doll stores online carry a wide variety of sex doll accessories and storage options. They also offer a wide selection of sex toys and lubricants. The best sites include the doll of your choice, a storage case and all the accessories you need in one place. They’ll even ship it safely to you.


Despite the stigma attached to sex dolls, they can provide a high level of pleasure and satisfaction. While they are not a substitute for human relationships, they can be helpful for individuals who have difficulty finding a partner. For example, married couples who are not getting the intimacy they need at home may choose to use sex dolls as a way to keep their sexual partners happy.

Many different options are available when purchasing sex dolls online. For instance, you can customize the size of your doll by choosing a breast and body type. You can also add accessories like thigh, ass, and pubic hair to make your doll look more realistic. You can also choose the color of your nipple and vagina to match your personality.

It is important to note that sex toys are adult products, and should only be purchased from reputable sites. Avoid sites that claim to sell dolls at a lower price because they will be using pictures from legit companies and are probably selling you a piece of crap.

How to Go About Leather Recolouring

Leather recolouring is a great way to bring your leather furniture back to its original glory. It’s also an inexpensive DIY project, and it will make your living room feel brand-new again!

Before you start recolouring your leather, it’s important to clean and prepare the surface. This will prevent uneven coloring and ensure that your dyeing job is a success!


A good leather cleaner (with the right ingredients) will help remove greasy soiling and other stains. It will also help remove scuff marks and other minor damage to the surface of your leather item.

It will also help to re-hydrate the leather, which will prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. This is especially important when it comes to darker colours.

The longer your leather is exposed to dirt and oils, the harder it becomes to clean. This can lead to premature wear & tear, deterioration and even discolouration.

When recolouring leather, it’s essential to first clean any dirt or other contaminants that may be present before applying the new dye. This is because these materials can interfere with the dye’s ability to penetrate the leather and cover it evenly.

If you are not able to successfully remove these dirts and other substances, then you will need to consider having them professionally removed before your recolouring project begins. This is a costly and time-consuming process, so it’s best to leave the job to professionals.


When recolouring leather, it is important to prepare the surface correctly. If you do not, the new finish will not adhere to the surface properly and it may not last as long as it should.

To prevent this, a prepping agent or etching material must be applied to the surface. This will help to remove all of the previous coatings and make the surface clean and ready for the new finish to be applied.

If the old finish is very hard, you might need to sand this down with fine grit sandpaper before applying the recolouring product. This will help to make the surface very smooth so that a good end result can be achieved.

Likewise, you might need to repair any damage that has been caused to the leather surface by previous cleaning and recolouring products. This can include sewing tears, patching holes and filling cracks.


Dyeing leather is a great way to add color to a leather item. However, this process requires some skill and practice to master.

In order to get a good dye job, the first thing you should do is clean your leather. This will remove any extraneous substances from the leather, which will make the dye work more effectively.

Another important step is choosing the right type of dye. There are many types of dyes available in the market, and each one has its own properties.

For example, alcohol-based dyes penetrate deep into the leather, while oil-based dyes do not.

Moreover, the type of dye you choose can also have an impact on the color of your leather.

Before starting, you need to prepare a proper workspace and gather all the necessary materials. It is best to use a ventilated area where you can apply the dye safely.


After recolouring leather, it is important to seal the items that have been dyed to protect the color. This will help them last longer and look more attractive.

There are many different types of sealing products that can be used to protect the surface of your leather crafts. These coatings will prevent light scratches from damaging the leather’s surface and can also provide some water-resistance, depending on the type of sealer you choose.

Resin sealers are a common choice as they provide a lightweight product that is easily removed or reapplied. They are not as durable as acrylic-based sealers, but offer a similar scratch-resistant layer.

There are also wax-based sealers that can be melted and brushed onto the leather to create a smooth, thin coat. These are a good option for larger items that may need more coverage than can be accomplished with a resin-based product. These are also a great choice for restoring natural leather.