Finding the Right Car Kit For Your Car


In order to drive your newly bought car with ease, you will need to have a car kit. So, before you get your new car, you should already have a car kit. The most common types of car kits are those that are made from wood, aluminum, fiberglass and steel.

Before buying a car kit, you should know about the kind of car you want to buy. There are two basic categories of cars, namely those that are normally sold through automobile stores and those that are usually sold through car dealerships. You should also be aware of the kind of car you want. Then you can narrow down your choices.

To buy a car, first you should make sure that the car kit you will be buying is compatible with the kind of car you want to buy. There are different kinds of kits based on their purposes. These kits also vary in price.

Then you should decide what type of car kit you want. Each type of kit has a specific function. There are four basic types of car kits:

These are usually made from high quality materials and are intended for the most expensive of cars. They are not meant for average cars. They come with all necessary accessories, such as GPS systems, batteries, heaters, lights, air conditioning systems, floor mats, air suspension systems, air cleaners, handbrake systems, window coverings, license plate frames, windshields, door glass, dashboard, wall clings, doors, etc.

The second kind of car kit, called extended wheels kit, is especially made for new cars. The wheels of this car kit are longer than the ones you usually see in ordinary kits. They may also be forged or cast. Some of them even have more unique designs.

If you are looking for quality yet inexpensive car kits, there is no better choice than this car kit. The wheels of this car kit are made of steel and aluminum. The parts of the wheels are not painted but coated with a polished chrome finish.

This car kit is especially good for drivers who often change cars or for those who simply want to modify their car without worrying about the cost. It includes some accessories that are specifically designed for lighter vehicles. There are two-piece seats, which look like regular seats, and a rear seat that extend back slightly to enable it to be put inside a car trunk.

Since this car kit is quite large, it has been installed with an air cooler that is part of the radiator system. The entire kit also contains such features as a car radio, air conditioning, air filter, steering wheel locks, gear knob, pedal boards, GPS, etc. This car kit has been engineered to meet the latest safety standards.

This car kit is large and heavy. Because of its size, it can be installed on any kind of vehicle. This car kit has more than 50 pieces and has a number of good quality parts, which makes it capable of being fitted to a range of different makes and models.

If you are looking for a wide range of accessories, this car kit is the one for you. It comes with a two-part steel cradle with a steel side-standing step. It comes with a brake pad, side marker lights, floor mats, door handles, armrests, and exhausts. There are three levels of LED light to suit your needs.

You will only know if you have the right car kit for your car or not when you get it home. The most important thing to remember is that the car you will drive has to fit in the carkit you bought.

Factors That Influence the Price of Trucks For Sale in Auckland

If you are looking for a great deal, then the quality of trailers for sale in Auckland will be very important. However, it is important to consider the factors that might influence this price, especially since some types of trailers are more expensive than others.

One factor that may influence the price of a trailer is the fact that the boat is already an established part of the trailer. If you want a used boat trailer, then expect the price to be higher than if you were buying a brand new trailer. The owner is likely to have driven it more than once and therefore the tires will be in great condition.

Quality is another factor. Trucks for sale are sold as-is, but it is easy to make a mistake and purchase a truck that has already been totaled. Used trucks are typically still in their top condition.

An important but sometimes overlooked consideration is the condition of the truck. New trucks require little maintenance and are generally fully equipped for any trip that you can imagine. Trucks for sale are often in good condition, but they need to be taken to a mechanic for regular maintenance. Also, they need to be inspected and serviced to be able to pass DOT requirements.

Quality should be the most important feature of the trailer you buy. If you decide to purchase a trailer that is well maintained, then you should be able to get a good deal on it. However, you should also consider the price before the quality.

It is possible to find a used truck with poor quality, but the overall price should be lower than one that is well maintained. The cost of a repair could be very expensive, especially if the truck is very old.

If you are planning a long trip with your truck, it is very important to carefully consider how to transport it. If you decide to take it with you, you must consider how much space is available. The size of the truck will determine how many people will fit in the trailer.

If the space is limited, consider purchasing a trailer that is a little larger. If space is ample, you may have the option of riding with two or three people in the back.

Quality is a factor that play into the price, but that does not mean that the cheapest deal is always the best deal. It is always worth considering the other features that you are offered.

For example, if you are purchasing a camper that is fitted with a refrigerator, then there is no reason to pay full price for the trailer. You will get more space, a better design, and possibly a smaller refrigerator. The cost of the trailer will be substantially less.

Another great way to save money is to purchase accessories separately. You can choose a bed cover, roofing material, or wheel set all of which will come in at a lower price.

Will that stop you from taking your truck with you? Of course not, but you should consider what kind of deal you are getting for the price. It is very important to consider all of the factors, both good and bad, when purchasing a used truck.

Why You Need Auckland Construction Companies

Auckland construction companies are needed for major projects that can not be completed without them. For instance, they can help with buildings and such, or they can take over the projects where the local contractors could not handle.

There are many reasons why Auckland construction companies are needed. The first is that they are there to assist the local contractor and they have specialised skills and tools that they can use to help complete the project. The second reason is that if a project cannot be finished by a local contractor then these companies can help and complete the project themselves.

In a recent article in The Business Daily, we read about some of the things that construction companies are doing. One was when a major project in New Zealand came up for redevelopment, and an expert company came in to do the actual development, which resulted in the entire project getting more time to develop.

The task was so extensive, and the general contractors involved were so busy that the project could not be completed in the same amount of time as the local contractors. The general contractors were able to complete the entire job much faster than expected, which improved the overall project.

The reason that these Auckland construction companies are needed is that there are areas of the country that have a shortage of qualified construction workers. The construction industry is growing at a very fast rate and will continue to grow as long as there is demand for buildings. Areas that are being developed in this country need to have skilled workers working on the new developments.

Auckland construction companies are generally needed for large projects. It is the only way that they can provide the experience and the tools to help with such projects.

Most Auckland construction companies can provide your project with the specialized equipment that it needs, including buildings and other facilities. You can rest assured that your project will be completed efficiently and effectively, and in a timely manner.

This means that you can concentrate on other aspects of your business while these Auckland construction companies get their work done. There are plenty of projects to choose from, and most will be completed in a timely manner.

Although it is a necessity to have general contractors, the jobs are too large for one person to handle, and they do not have the skills or the tools that these Auckland construction companies have. If you can get someone to do the job, that would be great, but sometimes having two different people take care of the job will do the trick.

If you want to hire the services of an Auckland construction companies for a specific project, you can generally find them in your area. Look around your community and see what they have to offer.

Auckland construction companies also offer you the chance to hire someone who is not from your area, who can work from anywhere in the world. They can even do the job remotely, as long as they get the necessary tools and equipment.

Auckland construction companies offer you all of the support you will need to get your project done successfully. Be sure to get the right person to take care of your project.


Canterbury coach Gary Stead has every faith their youthful fast bowling attack can fire consistently this summer.

With former Black Cap paceman Hamish Bennett moving to Wellington after 10 seasons with Canterbury and Ryan McCone shifting to Central Districts, Ed Nuttall and Kyle Jamieson will shoulder plenty of responsibility with the new ball.

Canterbury’s 14-player contract list will be announced on Tuesday, with one further name to be added on July 12.

Peter Fulton will return for a 16th full season of domestic cricket for Canterbury this summer.
Peter Fulton will return for a 16th full season of domestic cricket for Canterbury this summer.

Fast bowler Will Williams has secured a Canterbury cricket contract for the first time.

Fast bowlers Will Williams and Henry Shipley and opening batsman Michael Davidson, who all gained a taste of domestic cricket last summer, have secured spots for the first time.

The other feature of the naming sees four-day skipper Peter Fulton, Canterbury’s all-time first class leader for runs [8206] and matches [111] returning for a 16th full season.

Opening batsman-left arm spinner Ronnie Hira has gained full-time employment in Auckland, but Stead said he might still be available for the Kings in the Twenty20 competition.

Batsman Henry Nicholls is now on New Zealand Cricket’s central contract list, freeing up a place for Canterbury. Fast bowler Matt Henry and batsman Tom Latham are also on NZC contracts and probably won’t be sighted too much on the domestic scene.

In past seasons, Canterbury have lost experience in their batting stocks, but young players have stepped up and taken their opportunities, with Ken McClure a perfect illustration last summer.

Stead was satisfied with the pace bowling calibre and believed right-arm quicks Williams and Shipley would make an impact when given a chance.

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“It’s not a matter of whether they can or not. They’re going to have to. They’re going to have to be thrown in the deep end some what.

“I think with the depth we’ve tried to develop over the last few years, I’m confident they will make that step up.”

Williams played in two four-day matches last season and showed his ability for Canterbury Country, taking 9-38 in an innings during a Hawke Cup challenge against Buller in January.

He was viewed as an option in all three forms having been heavily involved at Canterbury trainings last season.

Stead described 20-year-old Shipley as someone with the batting technique to be a genuine all-rounder.

Davidson had a mixed start to top-level cricket, averaging 24 in six first class matches and just 12 in three one-day innings.

Despite only getting past 50 once, Stead said they liked what they had seen and he was worth investing in.

“I think he’s got a very good temperament. Hopefully, he can put the performances under his belt where he really starts to believe in his own ability.”

He stressed picking up a contract spot did not guarantee a place in the side. That had to be earned through performances on the field and hard work at training.

“I’ve seen a few guys in the past, who have got contracts and they sit back and rest on their laurels. For me it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got one or not.”

Canterbury Cricket have an objective of 90 per cent of their contracted players being developed from under-19 level down, which the contract list had achieved.

Wicketkeeper Cameron Fletcher and Jamieson are the only squad members not to have grown up or been schooled in the region, though Jamieson has played under-19s for Canterbury.

“If we can show a clear career path and playing pathway for guys coming through our system [it’s beneficial]. I think this contracting shows that.”

Stead said “three or four players” were in contention for the final contract with spinner Jeremy Benton and batsman Jack Boyle probably the frontrunners.

No decision has been made yet on who will captain Canterbury in the three formats.


Canterbury contracted list: Todd Astle, Leo Carter, Michael Davidson, Andrew Ellis, Cameron Fletcher, Peter Fulton, Kyle Jamieson, Tim Johnston, Cole McConchie, Ken McClure, Ed Nuttall, Henry Shipley, Logan van Beek, Will Williams (one to be added).

In: Michael Davidson, Henry Shipley, Will Williams.

Out: Hamish Bennett (Wellington), Ryan McCone (Central Districts), Ronnie Hira.




Fourteen of the 15 WHITE FERNS offered new contracts for the 2016-17 year have been named in the squad to tour South Africa in October.

Apart from middle-order batter Liz Perry, all those offered significantly-enhanced contracts under a new Memorandum of Understanding between New Zealand Cricket and the New Zealand Cricket Players Association have been included in the touring party.

Perry missed the cut after battling a shoulder injury over the winter months but is likely to be back in the frame for the WHITE FERNS summer schedule.

Features of the touring squad include the recall of top-order batter Sam Curtis and swing bowler Holly Huddleston.

WHITE FERNS coach Haidee Tiffen said both players had won selection after impressing with their work ethic over the off-season.

“They’ve worked hard for their recalls”, said Tiffen.

“Sam wasn’t selected at all last summer but offers us useful top-order batting and spin-bowling value, and Holly’s swing-bowling is something we see as beneficial to our goal of hitting the ground running at next year’s Women’s Cricket World Cup in England.”


The WHITE FERNS will play 18 ODIs (and just four T20s) between now and the start of the ICC Women’s Cricket World 2017 – something Tiffen said heavily influenced the decision not to select Sara McGlashan or Anna Peterson in the touring squad.

Neither player has been offered a contract for 2016-17.

“With the World Cup on the horizon, we’ve selected both the touring squad and those to be offered annual contracts on the basis of our ODI performance in particular, and in this regard, some players have clearly been unlucky.”

Tiffen described the squad as well balanced, including up to five spin-bowling options, many good pace variations, and a strong batting unit.

The WHITE FERNS will assemble for a pre-tour camp in Tauranga next month before heading to South Africa, where they will play seven ODIs – the first three of which will carry all-important ICC International Women’s Championship points.


WHITE FERNS squad: Suzie Bates (captain), Erin Bermingham, Sam Curtis, Sophie Devine, Holly Huddleston, Leigh Kasperek, Katey Martin, Thamsyn Newton, Morna Nielsen, Katie Perkins, Rachel Priest, Hannah Rowe, Amy Satterthwaite, Lea Tahuhu.

Tour schedule – Sept 28-Oct  6: Pre-tour camp, Potchefstroom; Oct 8: 1st ODI, Kimberley; Oct 11: 2nd ODI, Kimberley; Oct 13: 3rd ODI, Kimberley; Oct 17: 4th ODI, Paarl; Oct 19: 5th ODI, Paarl; Oct 22: 6th ODI, Stellenbosch; Oct 24: 7th ODI, Paarl.

WHITE FERNS offered annual contracts for 2016-17: Suzie Bates (captain), Erin Bermingham, Sam Curtis, Sophie Devine, Holly Huddleston, Leigh Kasperek, Katey Martin, Thamsyn Newton, Morna Nielsen, Katie Perkins, Liz Perry, Rachel Priest, Hannah Rowe, Amy Satterthwaite, Lea Tahuhu.

Article courtesy of New Zealand Cricket.


All aboard for the McDonald’s Super Smash


A new holiday-friendly scheduling window, a fresh push towards family-oriented times and venues, and a change in sponsor – these are the main features of the revamped McDonald’s Super Smash, coming soon to a ground near you.

The 2016-17 men’s domestic T20 competition will start in early December, be played in predominantly afternoon timeslots and will be staged in some of the country’s favourite holiday spots, including Central Otago, Nelson, and Mt Maunganui.

In another departure from last season’s format, the finals will be played at the home venue of the highest-placed team, rather than at grounds confirmed at the outset of the competition.

New Zealand Cricket chief executive David White said the McDonald’s Super Smash was designed to capture the imagination and enthusiasm of kiwis as they approached and enjoyed the summer holiday season.

“There has always been a ‘happy days’ element to this time of the year and we think it’s perfect for attracting New Zealanders of all demographics  – mums, dads, teen and tweens ,” said Mr White.

“The twenty-over format is all about entertainment and having fun, and we have unashamedly built the competition around that.”

Of the 30 regular season games, 13 will be televised live on SKY Sport and just six are scheduled for the later, 7.10pm start.

In addition, SKY Sport will televise live both the elimination final and the grand final.

Besides the bigger city venues, the McDonald’s Super Smash will also be hosted at popular holiday destinations such as Alexandra’s Molyneux Park, Nelson’s Saxton Oval and Mt Maunganui’s Bay Oval.

Mr White said a lot of energy had been spent on creating a dynamic, modern and exciting format, tailored around meeting the demands of all New Zealanders.

“We’ve listened closely to what people want in terms of the domestic T20 competition and believe the new McDonald’s Super Smash is ideally positioned to meet those demands.”


Reigning KFC T20 Big Bash League Champions, Sydney Thunder will cross the Tasman for the second year running as they visit Christchurch to face the Canterbury Kings at Hagley Oval on Friday 2 December.

The reigning KFC T20 Big Bash League Champions will use the trip to play a strong opposition and expose members of the Thunder Academy to high level competition.

Ryan Gibson, Nathan McAndrew and Chris Green all featured in squads for Thunder in BBL05 after putting in impressive performances last year in New Zealand.

Director of Cricket and former Thunder captain Michael Hussey, who took part in last year’s tour believed the trip was a crucial factor to the sides’ success last season.

“The tour is a huge opportunity for our younger players, to showcase themselves against a top quality opposition” said Director of Cricket Michael Hussey.

“It also provides an avenue for members of the squad who are not playing first class cricket to work on their T20 skills.”

“Hagley Oval is a great place to play cricket, there was a big crowd there last year and it all plays a part in preparing the team for the Big Bash.”

“We now have some very talented players in our Academy, and for the few youngsters selected, playing games like this should help bridge the gap between Grade cricket and the Big Bash.”

All-rounder Shane Watson made his debut for Thunder last season in New Zealand and is looking forward to getting back in the lime green after successful stints in the Indian Premier League and Caribbean Premier League.

“The trip to Christchurch provides great preparation” said Shane Watson.

“It’s a beautiful city, the facilities are excellent at Hagley Oval.”

“It’s brilliant for the young players to get exposure to quality opposition but also for me and Huss to get to know the emerging Thunder plays a bit better, so it works both ways.”

Last season saw Thunder sign Henry Nicholls as an overseas injury replacement player for two games, with General Manager Nick Cummins praising the relationship between the two clubs.

“We are delighted to return to Christchurch in the lead up to BBL06,” said Sydney Thunder General Manager Nick Cummins.

“Last year’s tour provided ideal preparation for a number of our players and we learned a lot about where our Academy players were in their development.”

“We’ve forged a very productive partnership with Canterbury which has had significant benefit for both parties.”

“They beat us last time, so we are keen to set the record straight this December!”


A focus on developing local talent is starting to pay dividends for Canterbury Cricket with 13 of the 14 first round contract players having represented Canterbury at Under 19 level or below.  The other highlight of the contract list is the young average age of 24 including the three centrally contracted NZ players.

There are three players contracted for the first time – Will Williams (Canterbury Country), Henry Shipley (Canterbury Country) and Michael Davidson (Christchurch Metro).

Henry Nicholls has been elevated up to a central contract with Hamish Bennett and Ryan McCone moving away from Canterbury this season.  Ronnie Hira has accepted full time employment in Auckland but may still be available for the Kings in the domestic T20 competition.

Director of Cricket and Head Coach, Gary Stead, said “this is a very exciting contract list in terms of both talent and potential.  We have a wonderful mix of experience with the likes of Ellis, Fulton and Astle and youth with the addition of several new contracted players.

A stated objective of Canterbury Cricket is to have 90% of our contracted players developed from Under 19 level down and we have seen this philosophy of focusing on developing our own talent pay off with this years contracted players.

It shows a clear attainable pathway for cricketers in Canterbury from the junior grades, through youth cricket and adult cricket to full Canterbury representation.”



Former Australian swing bowler Ben Hilfenhaus will bolster the Canterbury Kings’ pace stocks for the first half of the Twenty20 competition.

Canterbury have signed the 33-year-old right-armer for their first six McDonald’s Super Smash matches prior to Christmas.

Hilfenhaus will debut for the Kings at Hagley Oval on Friday when they take on defending Australian Big Bash champions Sydney Thunder in a pre-season clash.

The Thunder are captained by former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson, who will make a one-off cameo for the Kings in their Super Smash opener against the Central Stags in New Plymouth on Sunday.

Hilfenhaus took 99 test wickets in 27 tests, while also playing 25 ODIs and seven T20 internationals between 2007-12.

The burly Tasmanian retired from first class cricket in February due to injury issues.

He still plays T20s and will feature for the Melbourne Stars again this summer, who are coached by former Black Caps’ captain Stephen Fleming.

Hilfenhaus was the ninth top wicket taker in last season’s Big Bash, capturing 10 at 20.80 from eight matches.

Canterbury Cricket chief executive Lee Germon said Hilfenhaus’ vast experience would be a strong boost for the Kings.

Canterbury quicks Ed Nuttall and Kyle Jamieson have been impressive in the Plunket Shield, but are raw in the T20 form. Jamieson is yet to play a domestic T20.

“We were looking for an experienced pace bowler that could help our group. We’ve got [captain] Andrew Ellis, but that’s the extent of the experience really when you look at our pace bowling group,” Germon said.

“I know he’s keen to help the squad and the younger bowlers within the squad as well.”

Germon said their connection with Fleming had been vital in snaring Hilfenhaus, who was keen for cricket leading into the Big Bash, which starts in late December.

The Kings have a close relationship with the Thunder franchise, who Canterbury beat by nine runs in a T20 friendly last December,

With the Thunder’s campaign starting six days earlier than the Stars, it had been difficult to snap up a Sydney player for Canterbury’s early matches.

Germon was hopeful they might be able to get a Thunder overseas player or others on the fringes of the squad for matches later in the Super Smash.

“We’re looking at a couple of options. Guys just out of their Big Bash squad are still very good cricketers.

“They need to be better cricketers than what we’ve got.”

Germon is targeting a crowd of between 2000-3000 for the Kings’ match against the Thunder.

The Thunder won’t be at full strength, but their side includes Watson, explosive former Canterbury batsman Aiden Blizzard and ex-Australian seamer Clint McKay.


Ben Hilfenhaus’ stats for Australia 2007-12:

Tests:  99 wickets at 28.50 in 27 tests.

ODIs:  29 wickets at 37.06  in 25 matches.

T20Is:  9 wickets at 17.88 in 7 matches.

 Article courtesy of Stuff 

Written by Brendon Egan

Tickets can be purchased at


Ben Hilfenhaus’ stats for Australia 2007-12:

Tests:  99 wickets at 28.50 in 27 tests.

ODIs:  29 wickets at 37.06  in 25 matches.

T20Is:  9 wickets at 17.88 in 7 matches.

 – Stuff


The 2016-17 Canterbury Cricket Awards Evening was held on Saturday the 8th of April in the Hadlee Pavilion at Hagley Oval.

Celebrating what had been an outstanding season with our First XI Men’s and Women’s teams winning three out of the five National competitions we recognised these achievements as well as our top individual performers. We also celebrated the retirements of two long-serving players of the game; Rachel Candy and Peter Fulton.

See the list of our Award Winners below:


Red & Black Inductee: Debbie Hockley


Special Awards: 

Cole McConchie

Maiden First Class Century

103 vs Otago

14 November 2016

Queens Park, Invercargill

Maddy Lloyd Photography


Chad Bowes

Maiden First Class Century for Canterbury

155 vs Auckland Aces

24 November, 2016

Mainpower Oval, Rangiora

Maddy Lloyd Photography


Kate Ebrahim

Maiden Century for Canterbury

100* vs Auckland

12 February 2017

Hagley Oval, Christchurch

Maddy Lloyd Photography


Kyle Jamieson

Maiden 10 wickets in a match

11-160 vs Auckland Aces

23 November, 2016

Mainpower Oval, Rangiora

Maddy Lloyd Photography


Peter Fulton

Fastest 1-day century in New Zealand

116* off 58 balls vs Wellington Firebirds

Ford Trophy Final

24 November, 2016

Mainpower Oval, Rangiora

Maddy Lloyd Photography


Canterbury Kings Award – Player’s Player:

Henry Nicholls

Maddy Lloyd Photography


Canterbury Magicians Awards

Bowler of the Year – Amy Satterthwaite

Batter of the Year – Frances Mackay

Canterbury Magicians Player of the Year – Frances Mackay



Canterbury Men’s Awards

Bowler of the Year – Todd Astle

Batter of the Year – Cole McConchie

Canterbury Men’s Player of the Year – Todd Astle



Images courtesy of PHOTOSPORT NZ & Maddy Lloyd Photography